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Release Blitz & Reviews - Fury by Cat Porter

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs
Photo: Mark Wong Photography
Models: Travis & Memphis Cadeau
Release Date: June 2, 2017

I still have the dreams, baby. Do you? In mine, I plead and wait for your touch to come like it always did. But it never does. I strain against the iron, but you’re no longer there in the shadows. I’m alone. One single shard of deep dark hope was enough back then. Not now. My claws, your fangs have sunk deep. Follow my trail of blood, my trail of anger, desolation. Am I the same man? Soul dark, Heart dense, Blood fierce, Purpose raw. Flame burning. Unrelenting. Brewed on vengeance, laced with tenderness, my fury for you.
Chained in brutal darkness, they fell in love. Free in the world, they were torn apart. Empires rise, empires fall, and still, she burns in his soul. But between them now runs a wild river of ambition, greed, and blood. So much blood. He’ll do anything for revenge, and she’ll do anything to protect him. Love and vengeance are the same kind of savage...
**This is for mature readers only! Graphic sexual situations and trigger warnings. Some situations may not be comfortable for all readers.

5 “I was always yours” stars

If you are fan of the Lock & Key series like I am then you have probably been anxiously awaiting the story of Finger and Lenore. Finger intrigued me as soon as he hit the page in Iron & Bone. I was dying to know how he got his name. It was just as brutal and heartbreaking as I expected. As a devotee to the series I expect you will find more satisfaction by reading the other books first. That being said this is a standalone and is great intro into in Cat’s writing. Hopefully you will go back and read her other works.

Fury is a hard read. These two meet when Finger is captured by a rival club that Lenore is at. Their beginning is dark and ugly. While living in their nightmare Finger makes a promise. He keeps this promise but unfortunately things don’t go as planned. This leads these two on a path they didn’t expect. Their story spans 25 years and is filled with pain, love, loss, hope, and longing. It is about two people that desperately wanted it all but couldn’t find a way.

I have to say Finger and Lenore were beyond amazing in their love for each other. I knew Lenore's love was true and deep but she was a bit hard to figure out at times. This is due to the things she won’t reveal; but when she does it is everything. Finger’s love and devotion bled into the pages. I caught my breath with every action he took and every word he spoke.

Tania said it best……“His passion for you is some kind of fury. A fury whose fangs and claws won’t let go. A damn tidal wave of love, anger, pain, desolation. A tidal wave that won’t quit. And he tortures himself with it” ……………………See, breathtaking!

I have said this before that Cat is a beautiful storyteller. In a sea of mediocrity in the indie book world Cat she is rare and wonderful. She will punch you in the chest with her words and then put you back together. Her characters are people that I want to know. How could you not want a best friend that is so loyal she will do anything for you? A heroine willing to give up the most precious thing to her to protect the people she loves? Or a hero that will literally walk through fire for you? I for one wish these people were real so I could tell them how much I love them.

Well done!


Oh my heart. I'm in love with a man named Finger and a woman named Lenore. Their love story is tragic and beautiful. It spans twenty-five years. From the brutal way they met in their early twenties to their well-deserved HEA in their forties. Their lives were anything but easy and their hardships were heartbreaking. But no matter what the obstacle and no matter where they were, you could feel their love for each other. I cried for them. For the unfairness.

And Tania. OMG. I had no idea . I loved her even more in this book. And I loved reading the journey the previous couples took through the eyes of Finger and Lenore. Porter was brilliant with her timing and with everything really. I was left completely satisfied and I'll treasure this book forever. It's unforgettable.

The feelings this book elicits...this is why I read. Bravo, Cat.  
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About the Author
Cat Porter was born and raised in New York City, but also spent a few years in Europe, Texas and the suburbs along the way. As an introverted, only child, she had very big, but very secret dreams for herself. She graduated from Vassar College, was a struggling actress, an art gallery girl, special events planner, freelance writer, and had all sorts of other crazy jobs all hours of the day and night to help make those dreams come true. She has two children's books traditionally published under her maiden name. She now lives in Greece with her husband and three children, and freaks out regularly and still daydreams way too much. She is addicted to old movies, the History Channel, her iPad, her husband's homemade red wine, really dark chocolate, and her Nespresso coffee machine. Writing keeps her somewhat sane, extremely happy, and a productive member of society. If you enjoy character driven epic tales, her books are for you.
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