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Blog Tour & Reviews - Take Me With You by Nina G. Jones


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Book Title: Take Me With You Author: Nina G. Jones Genre: Dark Romance Release Date: October 17, 2016 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

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I watch. I study. I prowl. I hunt. I always go in with a plan. A set of rules for myself. I don’t take unnecessary risks. That’s how I’ve been able to evade capture all these years. But there’s something about this girl that is different than the others. When I finally meet her, the rules become a blur. And I break the most important one of all—I take her with me. ——- It’s just my imagination—that feeling of being watched. That those icy eyes— a vivid turquoise with a distinct golden fleck—aren’t watching me. It’s just stress. I am the person everyone relies on. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been feeling so content with my life lately. Why I dream those eyes belong to someone who can tear me away from all of my responsibilities. But these are just shameful fantasies, never meant to breach reality. Then one night, the dream comes true, only it’s a horrific nightmare. Now, I only have one task: survival.





I have been a fan of Nina G. Jones for a while with Debt and Swelter being two of my big faves. I really think she doesn’t get enough credit. I worry about what goes on in her mind with the level of depravity in this book but I am selfishly glad I get the read her work.

Take Me With You is dark, twisty, and depraved. I really questioned my own moral compass while reading. This is definitely a great book for discussion with friends and it really makes you think. I couldn’t wrap my head around liking Sam but at the same time feeling he needed to pay. Ms. Jones did a fabulous job with the internal thoughts of Vesper and Sam. It really helped you get into the psyche of both characters so you could see who they were and why they made the choices they did. I don’t believe what happens in childhood should condone the actions of adults that take a dark turn but it does explain things. If things were different for Sam and Vesper growing up would they be the same people? How can you not have empathy for the pain a child suffers and what it does to them? But at the same time how can you not feel for Sam’s victims?

This story is best to go into blind so I have tried to keep this spoiler free. Heed all the review warnings you read and the authors warning. If you have ANY TRIGGERS step away now. Ms. Jones doesn’t pull any punches and doesn’t fade to black so the imagery will have you cringing.

Yet another 5 star read from Nina G. Jones! Well Done!


What a great story. I really shouldn't like it. Sam is a peeper (amongst other things, worse things). But he's also this vulnerable little boy that you just want to hug. Jones did a great job of making him highly likeable. After seeing the sweet way Vesper cares for her handicapped brother, Sam goes against his m.o. and takes Vesper with him to keep for himself. Vesper is a people pleaser, a caretaker, but she also has this secret need to be a man's sole obsession. They're oddly perfect for each other. There are dark themes in this book. It's definitely not for everyone. But I was very happy with it. Well done.

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Nina G. Jones is the author of seven full-length novels of various romance and erotica sub-genres. Her latest novel, Take Me With You, releases on October 17th.
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