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RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - The Officer's Promise by K. Langston




prom-ise: assure someone that one will definitely do, give, or arrange something; undertake or declare that something will happen.

NYPD Officer Ryker Cunningham comes from a family of men committed to upholding every letter of the law. But when he crosses paths with MaryAnn Glover, a troubled woman who not only tempts his heart but also his self-control, his need to protect her overrides everything he’s ever believed in. With a promise to keep her safe at any cost, Ryker shows MaryAnn what it means to live without fear…and love without regret.  

PLEASE NOTE: This is a novella, consisting of approximately 38,000 words. The Officer’s Promise is not only Ryker and MaryAnn’s story but an introduction to the Brothers in Blue Series as well. The remaining five books of the series will be full-length novels. Each book will feature one of the six Cunningham brothers. I recommend you read them in order as the characters will make appearances throughout each story. 

The Officer’s Promise is written from dual POV, with an HEA and no cheating. 


K. Langston tricked me!! When I signed up for this I didn’t realize it was a novella intro into her new series. I don’t really care for novellas especially as an intro to a series. They typically don’t pack enough punch for me to believe the couple are “it” for each other. I do have to say that I really enjoyed Maryann and Ryker’s story.

The Officer’s Promise is a second chance story centered on Maryann and Ryker. They were separated in their teens but were deeply in love; now I hear ya, 13 year olds in love? What do they know? I really loved the flashback scenes with Ryker and Maryann. The author really made you feel their love; they were very sweet and Ryker was a pretty swoon worthy teen.

These two are separated but reunited years later when they cross paths at a deli. Ryker can see that Maryann is in a dangerous and abusive situation. I liked Ryker; he is very sweet, protective, and he becomes the friend she desperately needs. This is one thing I really loved about the story. You see Maryann struggle but she has to come to her own decision to leave. Maryann has work to do and I liked that Ryker stood by and waited while she found her footing. Nothing frustrates me more than an abuse story where the Alpha hero comes in and all of a sudden her issues are gone. I think the author did a fine job of taking Maryann down the path of finding herself. I would say that my only disappointment is that the story could have been longer. Novellas are tricky for this reason, and why they are a hard sell for me. I felt the ending was a bit rushed because I would have liked some more time with Maryann healing, and to see more of Ryker and Maryann as a couple. But all in all this was a great intro to a new series and I will definitely be picking up the next book. Well Done!

My hands moved to her ass, dipping beneath the little black dress that had driven me half-crazy tonight, my fingers digging into the soft skin to lift her up as I fed from her hungry mouth. Short, ragged breaths were the only sounds filling the hallway, and I was certain they fled in time with my thrumming heart.
Her hands snuck beneath my shirt, wrestling for purchase. Her touch was a sword, slicing me wide open for her to reach inside and take what was left of me.
She could have it.
It was all useless without her anyway.
“Ryker, please.”
The longing in her voice had my hands moving to her face, angling her head so I could find a deeper connection. A growl vibrated in my chest as I lifted her and carried her to the hotel room door. Once inside, I stood her up next to the bed, swaying slightly, almost drunk on her taste, her presence.
Her fucking need.
          My control was fading, erased by my own desire for her.
“I want you so bad, baby,” I whispered between her lips. “Can you feel it?”
My hands moved to the back of her dress, drawing down the zipper slowly. “Tell me what you feel.”
My tongue tasting the skin of her neck, I asked, “Where?”
Her dress fluttered to the floor. “What else?”
“Lips,” she answered breathlessly.
I pressed them to her bare shoulder. “Where?”
With the tilt of her head, her mouth stole mine, fingers burrowing into the back of my head as she tugged me closer, completely taking over. Each scrape of her nails raking across my skin and every moan that escaped her mouth was one step closer to my demise.
Jesus, I could come just from this fucking kiss.
She slowed her breathing and the kiss, easing her hold on my neck, relinquishing control back to me.
“What else do you feel, baby?” I asked in a deep voice that made her eyes flutter closed as I pressed myself against her.
I could taste it on her lips, but I was dying to hear her say it. In the span of three breaths, she finally opened her eyes once more and answered.

ABOUT K. Langston

K. has been married to her very own country boy for 14 years. They live in the deep south with their two crazy kids, and a speckled beagle named Sadie. She worked in property management for last decade before leaving the industry to write full time. When she's not penning her next love story, you can find her nose buried between the pages of a good book.

She released her debut novel, Because You're Mine in September 2013. She has since released three follow up books in the series, Until You're Mine, When You're Mine and Forever You're Mine. Her next release, Sylvie is a contemporary romance set to release Early Fall 2015. She is also co-writing a book with Author KC Lynn called Unlawful Justice, set to release November 2015. K. writes with true passion and heart about what she knows, love, romance and all things southern.






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