Saturday, December 13, 2014

MVP by M. Robinson REVIEW!!

I have no words... even if I did they wouldn't be half as good as M. Robinson's!!

This book was just wow.
It's an ending for Sebastian and Ysa.
But boy there was so much of their story left to tell. 

I read the the last 3 chapters over and over and over again.  It just help so much emotion in the end. I was on the edge of my seat. I've never felt so connected to characters before like I did this these.

I just cried and smiled and just swooned over this WHOLE BOOK!! Well really over this WHOLE SERIES! 

I loved not only have Sebastian and Ysa POV but Madam's POV was thrown in as well!! It made it all the more amazing. 

I'm really hoping for more from M. Robinson.  She has an amazing gift. This whole story came to life for me and played all out in my head. It is a story that will forever be in my heart and mind!


MVP (VIP Book 3) 

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