Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And So She Waited by Shakuita Johnson REVIEW!!!

And So She Waited 
by Shakuita Johnson

So i first rated this book 3 stars but this book has been on my mind so much that im gonna bump it up to 4 STARS!!!

whoa! !
was not expecting ALL OF THAT!!


So I feel like this had potential to be great.
Instead it was just mediocre.

Raven was weak from the get go.
I did enjoy reading about someone who isn't amazing and has their sh*t together. so that was a nice change.

The love of her life (one sided btw) Remy was a selfish prick!!
What's new right? Book always gotta have those.

Matt Ravens Best friend was not as good as a character as I think he could of been.
Everything written about him was just boring and just lame.

Having all of these characters life clash together brought on some major drama. 
Some unnecessary stuff that sometimes made NO sense at all. It seemed like the author was just making shit up as she went along.

If it hadn't have ended the way it did this book would have only received a 1 star.

I REPEAT This book is NOT A HEA!!!!!


And So She Waited 

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