Thursday, August 7, 2014

REVIEW for .....The Red Door by J.L. Massey

Title: The Red Door
Author: J.L. Massey
Release Date: August 26, 2014
Genre: Erotica
My rating; 5 BIG FAT STARS!!
Warning!! This book includes M/M/F M/F/F and M/M ;)
(Which come one of course that warning hooked me!!)

The Red Door is J.L. Massey debut novel. I'm always hesitant when going into brand new authors books. You never know what to expect.
With TRD I jumped right in. The whole synopsis caught me and I knew I had to get my hands on this book stat!!
From the prologue I wondered what the heck was going on.
So the mystery begins.
Aurora loses her family at a young age. Moving away and living with her aunt she goes through life not really living at all. Finally she decides to move back to her home town where she once had her family.
Enter side characters... WHO I JUST LOVED!
Becca and Mark are her best friends and once Aurora returns home she realize she still has a family through them.
Holly and Adam where life time friends with Aurora's parents. Her parents helped Holly and Adam achieve something they always wanted and they would forever be grateful to them.

NOW For Aurora was always curious about this certain place she use to always hear about. When she was younger she called it a carnival... finding out later it was actually a BDSM CLUB!!
This book had so many funny silly parts that I couldn't help but giggle along with the girls when they talked about this BDSM club.

Enter the very sexy MITCH and ALEX.
Right away they knew they want Aurora NEED her even.
Jumping into a Dom/Sub relationship automatically made a turn for HOT!
Having two men want one lady. YES PLEASE ULTIMATE FANTASY! 

So as you can see this book has so many great side characters it definitely brought the book together as a whole!

J.L. Massey did such a great job with the mystery that came with this book. I don't want to give too much away but yall will love the twist and turns this book takes.
The sex was so damn sexy if my kindle had panties they would of melted just like mine did!!

This book also brought some tears to my eyes from the bit of darkness that was in it. Not every author can pull these subjects off. But J.L. Massey DID!!
The Epilogue was FABULOUS! It ended just how I wanted but still left me NEEDING MORE!!

Im so glad she let me read an ARC and I look forward to more of these characters!

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